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I Am The Antique Jeweler

I buy and sell antique and estate jewelry as well as vintage and antique silver. I buy and broker personal collections and inherited jewelry and silver.

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Fine Timepieces

I also specialize in fine wristwatches and pocket watches. They do not need to be running. I am also looking for uncased movements, watch parts, tools and advertising


Get The Best Return

Paying premiums for good names like Tiffany, Cartier, Georg Jensen, Fabergè and many others. Also period jewelry and silver, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Moderne. Patek Philippe & Rolex watches. No obligation to buy or sell and no charge for an appointment

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Hank Friedman

Forty Years in Business


Buying and Selling Antique and Estate Jewelry since 1976. Over 40 years of experience. Second generation estate jeweler.

Experienced and Diverse


Author, lecturer, writer and teacher at College of Marin in Kentfield, California. GIA Diamond Certified, charter member Jewelers Trade Network, Polygon Group, American Society of Jewelry Historians. 

Home and Family


 My wife Deborah and I have lived in Marin County just North of San Francisco for over 30 years. We love to hike our beautiful area and to travel to new places. 

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What Is Your Gold, Silver & Jewelry Worth?

If you have inherited jewelry, silver or coins, if you love to treasure hunt, want to add to your income, have some jewelry to sell or are just curious about how precious metals are evaluated, please join us. Learn the secrets of the trade, including how to identify jewelry made of precious metals, determine its value, and sell it in the right place for maximum return. Learn how to read karat marks and hallmarks and identify items of historical or antique value.

Learn to Use the Tools of the Trade

Learn to use the tools of the jewelers' trade, including the magnifier called the "jeweler's loupe", the weight scale and testing equipment.


The Workshop

The workshop "What Is My Gold, Silver & Jewelry Worth?" is a four hour course based on my textbook "The Urban Gold Miner". I have been teaching this workshop at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California just north of San Francisco since 2009. I also will teach private groups. 

Next Workshop

The next workshop "What Is My Gold, Silver & Jewelry Worth" will be at the College of Marin during the Fall term.

Hank Friedman


Urban Gold Miner

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Learn to identify and evaluate gold, silver and platinum. Identify hallmarks and learn the tricks of the jewelry trade plus much more. 70 pages. Required for my course at College of Marin. If you take the course, I can deliver the book at the class. Sales tax is included.


10 Power Jeweler's Loupe

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

10 Power (10X) professional jeweler's loupe. Triplet lens 21mmm across. This is the best 10X loupe you will find at this price level. I've shopped the globe to find these. If you are taking my class in identifying gold, silver & platinum, this is an excellent choice and I can deliver it to you at the class  Sales tax is included.

antique jewelry & Silver

Rare Sterling Singer Squash Blossom Necklace


Very special and unique sterling silver Native American squash blossom necklace. Made by a Navajo silversmith within the Tommy Singer family of his signature turquoise and coral chip inlay peyote birds or water birds. Experts' opinion to be a family piece as it bears no signature..  23" long, the naja (horse shoe pendant) is 2¼" tall. A unique piece by one of the masters of the art.


Antique Gold Lidded Box


Fabulous 18K gold handmade lidded vanity box adorned with an ivory cameo set in rose cut diamonds. Austria-Hungary 19th Century. Unique.


Art Deco Platinum Diamond Bracelet


Lady's Art Deco platinum diamond bracelet with sapphire accents. A full 7" long. Approximately 5.4 total carats of fine white diamonds of a European Brilliant cut. Exquisite eample of a formal bracelet from the 1920s.


Pre-Civil War Coin Silver Teapot


Museum quality pre-Civil War coin silver teapot made for Jones, Ball & Poor of Boston from an original design by John Woodward and Charles Grossjean circa 1851. Woodward & Grossjean moved to New York City in 1852 and made the same design for Tiffany & Co. Originally from a set of four depicting the four seasons. 7½" tall. This teapot is pictured in several books about silver inclusing Richard Osterberg's "Silver Hollowware" and Charles & Mary Carpenter's "Tiffany Silver". The term "coin silver" means 90% silver made from US silver coins. Unique and outstanding American silver.


Patek Philippe Calatrava


Patek Philippe 18K gold "Calatrava" gent's wristwatch. Single sunk porcelain dial with Roman numerals and Breguet hands. Subsidiary second hand. Hobnail bezel. Circa 2005. Original box and paper work.


Belle Epoch Sapphire Diamond Ring


Sapphire and diamond ring from the Belle Epoch circa 1910. Burmese untreated natural sapphire and Old European cut diamonds. Size 6½.




If all the gold ever mined in the history of the planet was gathered into one cube, it would only measure 20 square yards. Weighing over 200 million pounds, it would be so heavy, it would sink into the earth. Gold is the most malleable metal on the planet, one ounce of pure gold can be drawn into a wire 50 miles long.


Ruby is part of the corundum family. Corundum comes in all colors and is called Sapphire in all colors but red, then it is called a Ruby. But wait, didn't I say that rubies aren't red? That's right, they appear red because they accept every color except red, it reflects red back, rejects it if you wish. That's why we see the red. Also.violets aren't blue, of course, they're violet.


Every diamond on Earth is at least 50 million years old. Diamonds are formed one hundred miles below the Earth's surface. It took 50 million years under 50 million tons of pressure to squeeze a bunch of carbon atoms into the octahedral matrix we call "diamond" (from the ancient Greek adámas meaning unbreakable).


Technically, a diamond is a mineral made of carbon atoms that are crystallized in an isometric form. This means the crystal has the same arrangement in all directions. The rough diamond crystal takes the form called the Octahedron, looking like two pyramids joined at the base. 


Diamond is the the only gemstone made of one element, Carbon. Carbon's chemical designation is "C" and is the same in a brilliant white diamond as it is in graphite or the "lead" in your pencil. While diamonds are isometrically crystallized, graphite is hexagonally crystallized. As human beings, we are one fifth carbon so, perhaps, we are related to diamonds.


The ancient Greeks believed the wearing of amethyst kept you sober.  White gold virtually did not exist until after World War One. Precious metals are non-magnetic. The metals "Alpaca", "German Silver" and "Nickel Silver" have no silver content at all.  The Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever found. Weighing over 3,000 carats. Discovered in South Africa in 1905.